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Wholesale Sanganeri Shirt by Rajmohar

Updated July 14, 2021

Why You Should Choose Rajmohar for Sanganeri shirt ?

Rajmohar New and Fresh brand in Sanagneri Shirt manufacturing, We have many new Ideas and Fresh Patterns in this market.
We design the cloth and in custom print and create garments from this, We have an in-house small team to do that all.
Quality discharge Fabric made with our team. 
99% Colour guarantee
Shirt Made by our In-house team with full Quality Control
Perfect Packaging with Hevey Quality material.
Fast Shipping | Return Available
The Other Brushs
Fabric Without Wash and Discharge 
No Colour guarantee
Use Third-party for Stitching so there is no quality control 
Low-Quality material used hence the shirt will not long last 
No Return Policy 

The Sanganeri print, origin in the late 16th century and early 17th century in the Rajasthan. Accepted by both Mughals and the Rajput royalty and later became an all-important trade item during the East India Company's rule and late during British Raj to continental Europe.

If you are Looking for the best quality Sanganeri Shirt then you are at right place rajmohar is Wholsaler of Sanganeri Shirt in India. 

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